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Sharon Arthur


I am a strengths-based, trauma- informed licensed mental health counselor with over 16 years of experience. I have a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Seattle University. In addition, I have a BA degree in African American Studies from Syracuse University in New York State. I have also completed postgraduate studies in Diversity and Inclusion at Cornell University and am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II (CCTP-II).

My approach encourages people to view themselves as capable of being their best and to capitalize on their strengths rather than being hyper- focused on self-perceived “negative characteristics”. I believe that human beings possess assets and competencies that have enabled them to survive toxic environments using skills they often minimize and even take for granted.

It is vital to move toward a healthy sense of self by leaning into existing positive qualities including resilience, knowledge, meaning making, personal interests and aspirations. In talk psychotherapy, clients are motivated to see themselves as survivors and in doing so recognizing the innate skills and strengths that have enabled them to persist during the challenging times in their lives.

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