LGBTQ+ Issues

Lesbian, bisexual, gay transgender, queer and/or questioning (LGBTQ+) people encounter unique struggles and must also manage the stress of navigating in a world that isn't fully accepting of people who are not heterosexual. With all the trauma and rejection that LGBTQ+ people experience, they are likely to suffer from anxiety and depression and are at higher risk for self-harm.

Given the intensity of negative messaging and legislating the impact on sexual/gender minority groups feel more targeted than ever which may have negative repercussions for many areas of your life, including family, friends, careers, access to gender affirming healthcare, which exacerbates existing stressors:

·         Finding or building a supportive community

·         Coming out

·         Understanding gender identity and sexual orientation

·         Worrying about others' reactions to coming out

·         Tension in family relationships

·         Discrimination and internalized oppression

·         Loneliness and isolation

·         Unhealthy coping strategies

Therapy can be a safe and affirming space to discuss your concerns, learn to process your emotions and gain or regain an authentic sense of self.

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